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Electrical Energy, Vision Future

Electrical Energy has influenced every commodity of humans from lights, appliances, automobiles, machinery, etc. Electrical Energy accelerated the lifestyle of humans in a way that it is in the verge of becoming a basic necessity right after air and food.

Smil explains electricity’s appeal: “Electricity is the preferred form of energy because of its high efficiency, instant and effortless access, perfect and easily adjustable flow, cleanliness, and silence at the point of use.”

Most recently, electrons have powered the digital age to create what energy expert Vaclav Smil calls our “instantaneously interconnected global civilization.” Technology expert Mark Mills points out that electricity powers an increasing portion of our economy. The always-on data centres that support the internet and “cloud computing” will continue to increase demand for electricity, overwhelming the modest decreases in electricity use in other parts of the economy, such as manufacturing processes.

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