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Electrical Energy and the Course of Humans

One of the Natures energy form believed to be discovered before 2500 BC, was not more than an intellectual curiosity until 16th century. Later many remarkable scientists studied the energy and created marvellous inventions which become the foundation of the modern day lifestyle of Human-kind. The Prominent Energy form which has potential to perform work needed or to destruct something has been used in every part of our lives, since the nineteenth century.

One of the first major breakthroughs in electricity occurred in 1831, when British scientist Michael Faraday discovered the basic principles of electricity generation. Building on the experiments of Franklin and others, he observed that he could create or “induce” electric current by moving magnets inside coils of copper wire. The discovery of electromagnetic induction revolutionized how we use energy.

Faraday’s process is used in modern power production, although today’s power plants produce much stronger currents on a much larger scale than Faraday’s hand-held device..

The vast requirement of Electrical Energy and its constant increase is the result of its ability to enhance the human race to a higher level and has paved way for huge opportunities in past present and future.

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